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Helping to Build a Rockfall Blocking!
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Shyapru Bensi, Nepal


The village of Shyapru Bensi still suffering from the devastating earthquake in Nepal of 25 April 2015. This village was one of the most affected, like the entire area of the National Park Lantang.

Shyaprubesi is a small village of Buddhist religion and Tibetan, Sherpa and Tamang culture. It is located at the beginning of the trekking to Lantang, near the border of Tibet. Before it was very beautiful, but it has become a heap of stones and rubble from the day of the earthquake.

Although the earthquake was a year ago, people still need much help. Most people have not yet recovered their homes, the high school was destroyed and the government rebuilt far from the village which has been very damaging to children, and finally, most important of all: this village is situated below a large rockslide.

The government does not help them at all to lock it and if this problem is not solved soon this village will always be at risk and although they return to rebuild, possibly again they will lose their homes and worse, they will always be at risk of injury or death, so this is the most urgent problem. It's a shame not receiving aid to rebuild a village that was beautiful and which is one of the oldest village in the area, but it seems that the government cares little about the lack of resources they have to pay the necessary materials to rebuild homes, school and lock rockslide. It seems not to matter the safety and lives of the people.


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We do not sell you an exotic experience that you buy and enjoy as some NGOs, we are simply intermediaries. You will enjoy the incredible natural surroundings, the Buddhist religion and also the Tibetan, Sherpa and Tamang culture. But always keep clear that the mission is help.