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Who We Are?

We are not an association and we do not pretend to be it for now. We are people like you, people with a desire to help, just like you. We are three people from Spain and Brazil, we have lived in the place and we have dirtied ours hands working, and therefore we have known the situation of Shyapru Bensi closely.

By the fact of having been a year since the earthquake in Nepal, we are not aware that many people are in a very critical situation, until we approached the place to move stones with our own hands, filling us powder to try to help rebuild their shattered dreams. This has been exactly our case. We have been volunteers in Shyapru Bensi independently, without going to any association or NGO, and we have been helping to rebuild, or rather finish destroying what little remained, cleaning a pile of bricks and stones for recycling and re-use. We have given this assistance specifically to a beautiful family, which has treated us as one among them.

Through this, we have realized the sad situation that the people of this village lives, and the little help they receive. And this website was created with the idea of continuing to help this village with community projects.

All projects are organized by Nyima Lama, who is an activist fighting for the improvement of its village. His priority now is to stop rockslides and rebuild the school. Besides fighting governments and associations to seek help, sometimes he has to fight ignorance of the people of the village who often can not see beyond to rebuild their own homes, when the most important thing right now is to get safety against rockslide which it is the current most urgent problem, because if this problem is not solved soon this village will always be at risk and although they return to rebuild, they possibly may lose their homes again and worse: they will always be at risk of injury or death.

If you empathize the same way we do with this difficult situation and would like to help, discover the different ways to do it: