Take Action

If you would saw to yourself in this situation you would like others help you?

They need your help
One Coffe
It Means A Lot To You?

No... Right? just with a coffee you can begin to help. A penny, a dollar, five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars, a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars ....
No matter how much, what matters is the intention, and if you want to help, with little or much you donate, you will have put your bit, many grains of sand together can make a mountain, and a mountain is what these people need.
The money will always be used for the projects mentioned in this website and never for other purposes, this will be always shown through documentation and photographs of the project done. We are not an association, we are people like you, wanting to help people, the same as you, we have also donated, we have lived in the place and we have dirtied our hands working, so we ensure you full transparency.

If you want help with your own hands

Become A Volunteer

We do not sell you an exotic experience that you buy and enjoy as some NGOs, we are simply intermediaries. You will have food and a place to sleep and you will feel part of the family. You will enjoy the incredible natural surroundings, the Buddhist religion and also the Tibetan, Sherpa and Tamang culture. But always keep clear that the mission is help.

A Local

If you intend to do some trekking in the Langtang National Park and you want to help these people in a different way, hire a local guide and you will have contributed your bit.

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Share and promote this story

Help to the difficult history of this village go farther, and so get them closer to more people wanting to help. Just share this website and social networks, among your friends and family. Hopefully together, we can help.